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Bicycle Spokes & Red Balloons · Silkscreen Print


Bicycle Spokes & Red Balloons
16" x 20" 3-color silkscreen print
French Paper, Pure White Construction, 100# C

The inspiration for this print is a line in John Prine's song, Sweet Revenge. The whole song is great but I especially like the second verse that goes, "I caught an aisle seat on a plane, and drove an English teacher half insane, making up jokes about bicycle spokes and red balloons".

The lyrics sparked the idea, but it's also a nod to the old days when kids would put playing cards (or whatever they could find) in their spokes to make a "motor sound".

Shipping Information
All prints are shipped in secure cardboard mailing tubes, sent 1st Class Priority Mail. Please note delivery time will vary depending on your location. I will notify you via email once your order has shipped.

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